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OCAMPO-ESTA's combined experience and expertise paved the way to its success.  It has been recognized as one of the most successful small business engineering firms in the State of California, nominated for two consecutive years, 1992 and 1993 as minority company of the year in Northern and Southern California.  This achievement is made possible through its commitment to excellence in service.

In today's changing market needs, new projects coupled with new technology application or modifications and retrofits demand flexibility, accuracy and expediency.  Flexible organizations can rapidly adapt to changing situations, and respond to client's needs in a timely manner.  OCAMPO-ESTA's simplified structure is not overly departmentalized thereby giving its staff an appreciation for the total project, creating improved flexibility, coordination and communication. Project teams have the discipline and autonomy to develop both strategies and guidelines.


OCAMPO-ESTA’s organization is known for its ability of being highly responsive to changing client needs, especially on large, complex, and fast track projects.  This ability is a direct result of an environment based on initiative through a cooperative team effort.  All project team members are fully aware of the project goals and interrelationships between their area of responsibility, and the total project objective in meeting the scope, schedule and budget.


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